Author Blog Challenge - Day 1


Tell us about your blog. How long have you been blogging? Do you write on a regular schedule? Do you plan your topics in advance or write as the spirit moves you? What was your favorite post? At which post do you look back and wonder what you were thinking when you wrote it? What has been the best feedback you’ve ever received? Have you ever written anything that was perceived as controversial, though you didn’t intend it that way? What tips would you offer other author bloggers?


My blog, being less than a year old, is still a baby.  It would have most of its milk teeth and just learning to walk.  However, if my blog were another mammal it would have left its mother and be reproducing its own offspring by now.  In some ways, I guess mine has done this.  A few months after starting it I began weekly fiction posts of Micro Monday’s and Flash Friday’s, which I still continue.

The rest of my blog posts are a mixture of my experiences with the writing, and marketing of my début novel, Beach Lanes, as well as two volumes of my flash fiction collections, The Curious Anthology.  I also post about my life living in a foreign land (Slovenia) and what my dog has been up to, as well as a few poems with an accompanying doodle.  I keep it quite varied, not everyone who visits is interested in the writing/marketing side of things.  I like to think most people are there just to escape for a few minutes, and if I can bring them a little entertainment or brighten their day then all the better. I don’t post every day but will aim to do as many of these 15 days as possible.

I feel too much of a youngling at this to be giving advice, but I think that just getting stuck in is the best thing to do.  I toyed with the idea for a long time before actually starting, ‘who would read it?’ was the main question I asked myself.  But the sooner you start, the more there will be for people to read when they do find you.  Write about what you like and what interests you, and most of all - enjoy it!

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