Author Blog Challenge - Day 2


Do you have a Facebook fan page for yourself/your book? How long ago did you start it? Did you do it yourself or have someone help you? Are you seeing lots of new people liking it? What kinds of things do you post? What have you found to be the most effective way to get fans/have people interact? IF YOU DON’T HAVE a Facebook fan page, tell us about the fan page for an author you know or like. Why do you like them and why did you “like” their page? What do you think they are doing well that you would like to model with your own page? Do you have a goal date for creating your own fan page? Be sure to give us the link.


I started my facebook page a few months after my blog, and it’s really just an extension to it.   I felt a little modest about getting setting up my own page at first, but it seemed like the thing to do and it’s also good to keep the writing side of things separate from my personal account. 

I mostly post links through and seem to get more comments and feedback there than I do on the actual blog.  I think people find it a more convenient way to dip in and out of my posts if they’re already cruising their own facebook accounts.   I also ‘share’ the flash and micro fiction stories to my own timeline, and in turn, other people seem to do this as well so it’s nice that they are spreading to a wider audience and potentially drawing more traffic to my site.


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