Author Blog Challenge - Day 3


Are you on Twitter? Perhaps more than any of the other social media platforms, Twitter has developed its own language. Tweets. Twitterverse. Rewteet. Are you invested in the lingo? So how do you make a statement in 140 characters? Are you following more people or are more people following you? How do you decide whom to follow? Do you reciprocate and automatically follow back everyone who follows you? What kinds of things do you post? How often do you post? What advice do you have for those who are just getting started? IF YOU’RE NOT USING Twitter, go look at it (twitter.com) and either find your favorite author or put “author” in the search field and look around. What’s your take? Which tweets interest you? What would you post if you did decide to create an account? What’s the likelihood you’ll be following @AuthorBlogChal anytime soon? Be sure to give us the link.

As with my facebook page, I really just use my twitter account to link my blog posts to.  I mostly follow authors and fellow indie authors, I also follow a few friends and  a handful of celebs who to keep me up to date on their fabulous lives and of course, AuthorBlogChal.

I posted a lot announcing my book releases, and used Tweetdeck to schedule posts throughout the day and night, only one every few hours so it wasn’t too spammy.  I do retweets for people and always appreciate it when people do for me.  I’ve got quite a few followers now, whether they click through to read my blog who knows!  I usually follow back but not always, sadly as with any social media there are unsavoury characters out there… 

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