Flash Friday - The Odd Couple


They made an odd couple.  The Professor with his wiry grey hair and round spectacles, bow tie and leather-patched elbows, making him look so much more than his forty-two years.  Molly, with her red lips and high heels, her love of gossip magazines and all things shiny.  She had the appearance of someone only just old enough to vote but she was in fact twenty-eight.  Despite their obvious differences, Molly and Will were very much in love.

They had met three years ago when Molly had just lost her job in the cafe Will frequented.  Before he knew it he found himself offering a live-in job as his housekeeper-come-cook, not that she appeared to have the skills.  She was though, one of the most vulnerable and fascinating people he had ever met.  Yet Molly always thought of herself as stupid.

“You really shouldn’t say that about yourself,” he told her, one night over dinner.  “Just because you don’t know something doesn’t mean you’re stupid, it just means you haven’t learned it.”
“But even when I learn things I have trouble remembering them, so I must be a bit stupid.  One of my old bosses told me I only used 3% of my brain, said the rest of it was like a lump of jelly.”
“Well that’s cruel, none of us use all of our brain.  Besides, just because you don’t use it, doesn’t mean it can’t be used.”    

She looked at him and frowned, not quite understanding what he meant.

“Molly, do you believe everything I tell you?”
“Yes, you’re the cleverest person I know.  If you told me the sky was red I’d believe you.”
“If I told you that you have one of the most fascinating minds I have ever met, would you believe that?”
She laughed loud, causing their fellow diners to look over.  “I think I would have trouble believing that.”

Leaning over the table, he spoke in a hushed tone.  “I’m going to tell you something about myself.  I am professor and I do write books, that’s true.  I sell lots of them, and as you know I have made a comfortable life for myself.  But what you probably don’t know, is that in my field of work I am actually a bit of a laughing stock.  My piers claim I have no real evidence to back up my research and the vast majority of my book sales are from sci-fi fanatics and weirdos.  My books can be found in libraries, universities and book stores across the world.  My agent only manages to get them there because he markets me as a controversial whacko who’s trying to reshape the universe.”
“Oh.  Well I still think you’re very clever and would still believe whatever you told me”
“Good.  Because I’d like to try a little experiment when we get home.  What do you say?”
“Oh yes, how exciting.”  

Back at home they sat on the large sofa beside each other.  

“Molly, if I told you it was possible to travel somewhere without leaving this room, would you believe me.”
“Um, if you told me how, then I would.”
“Well, there is a way that we can do it.  We will leave our physical bodies here on the sofa, and our spiritual beings will be free to go wherever we choose.  Then when we come back, we’ll just join them together again.”
A little gasp of excitement escaped her and she lightly clapped her hands, “that sounds like fun.  It won’t hurt will it?  Should I put my jeans on?”
“No,” he laughed, “what you’re wearing is fine, and it won’t hurt a bit.  Now, let’s just lie back on the sofa and get comfortable.”

He lay flat back, Molly, after fidgeting for a moment and adjusting her clothes and hair, eventually lay still beside him.  

“OK, now first, just for a little test, we’ll only go outside the house.  OK?”
“Can’t we go to London?”
“I do love your enthusiasm Molly,” he laughed, “we can go to London next time.  Let’s just make sure it works first.  Right, close your eyes and take some nice, deep breaths.  Now, tell me what’s outside, describe the buildings to me, tell me what cars you remember on whose driveways.  What the windows are like, or the bushes.”
“Can’t you remember?” she asked.
“Yes, but I need you to build up a strong image of where we want to go.  The stronger the image in your mind before we leave, the more likely we are to land in the right place.”
“Oh OK.”
Molly began to describe the street, in surprising detail, Will thought.  She remembered which houses had flowers in their gardens and which had flagstones providing off road parking.  She even remembered some of the curtains that hung in their neighbours windows.  All the while she was talking, Will spoke in hushed tones.  Her mind was completely relaxed and focussing wholly on the image she was building up of the street, whilst unconsciously absorbing all his words and learning just how to take her to the next phase.

All of a sudden they found themselves outside the front of the house, Molly gasped and reached for his hand.  “How did that happen?”
“You did it Molly, isn’t it amazing!”
“Yes, but how?”
“Because you believed it would,” he said, kissing the back of her hand, “you’re the first person who has ever been able to  do it with me!”
“Yes, and that’s because you trusted me, you believed me and you didn’t question anything I told you.  That beautiful mind of yours has done this, don’t ever say you’re not clever again.”

Squealing with delight at his compliment, Molly didn’t know what pleased her the most, finding out she could astrally-project herself or that Will thought she was clever.  “Can we go to London now?”
“Molly, my darling, thanks to that wonderful mind of yours, the world is our oyster.”

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